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Welcome to Dongguan Yuwei Industry Co.,Ltd !
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       YUWEI Industry Co., Ltd. is a company established in Guangdong Province since 2010, which focused on the development of high-quality Bathroom IP44 lighting fixtures and manufacturing.

       In YUWEI converge the experience of many people who dedicate their entire life working in lighting industry, combined in a very strong and smooth team.

       Our company mainly promotes high standard Bathroom IP44 styles for congress areas, big hotels, new company buildings, public sites, modern design houses etc.

       We are dedicated in finding the best quality for each component, respecting the international normative of safety.

        In order to print our ideal character in the market, our designers use the most advanced technology to project and develop our products, and pay great attention to the fashionable design; Our engineers continuously focus on structure improvements making our products as best as they can be.

        We carefully realize all of our products, because we believe our customers are the ones who can see the difference, and choose safety and modern design in only one solution.

        At YUWEI Industry Co., Ltd, we offer new Lighting Design and top high quality manufacturing.

        Our products are projected to give your spaces (hotels, companies, houses...) the ideal living source of light and fashionable design.

        You can reach YUWEI Industry Co., Ltd at any time by calling 0086-769-33394736, or by simply visiting our Factory at XieKeng Management Area, QingXing Town, DongGuan City, PR.China.