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Wall lights/LED Wall Lights

The metal worked part is completely chrome, so that a special luster and a high degree of sophistication is created. This property is perfect for use in modern living and it is good with led technology as bright as energy-saving lights.The acryldiffusor is glazed and produces a pleasant soft light distribution.
Material : Steel and Aluminium and Acrylic
IP-Rating : IP44
Class : I
Colour : Chrome/Brushed Nickel/ ……
Warranty : 3 years
Item No. Description. Features. Lumens. Energy grade.
1112 LED Wall Lights COB LED 1x3W 3000K 240lm A+
Custom Requirements:
1212 LED Wall Lights COB LED 2x3W 3000K 480lm A+
Custom Requirements:
1312 LED Wall Lights COB LED 3x3W 3000K 720lm A+
Custom Requirements:
1412 LED Wall Lights COB LED 4x3W 3000K 960lm A+
Custom Requirements: